You deserve a better option


We design and build products that are a step above and bring inspiration to your space

Your home matters.  It should be a place of comfort, and also a place to find inspiration.  We design modern products that we love ourselves, and more importantly, are certain you'll love from day 1 and for years to come. 

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A better customer value

Everyone should be able to afford great design.  We make this happen by combining the best materials, great craft, and an innovative selling model that allows us to deliver a better customer value than furniture sellers using an outdated (but all too common) model.  

The truth: we love the occasional piece from Target, Ikea or Amazon.  But we are also big believers that a home should have a growing collection of quality pieces that will last decades, be made with care from quality materials, and provide a great statement and even story to our homes.  We aim to help our customers achieve this, and doing so without breaking the budget.  

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Quality materials

Materials matter.  For one, quality materials look better.  They also wear and last longer.  And finally, they are healthier.  We use 100% domestic US woods, with a strong preference for solid hardwoods.  We carefully select both the species, as well as the individual piece of wood for the quality and uniqueness of its grain.  We steer clear of MDF (fiberboard), particle board, vinyl, pvc or other inferior materials. 

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Transparency and education

You deserve to know where your furniture comes from, how it's made, and even who made it.  We do all these things with two aims: to give you comfort that you are getting a quality and ethically made product, and two, to enjoy the story of your new favorite piece.


Additionally, we know that buying furniture isn't something most people do on a regular basis.  It's an industry with a lot of confusing terms, and we are here to cut through the haze.  We enjoy guiding people to making informed decisions when it comes to furniture, even if it isn't buying one of our products.  


50% careful craft, 50% tech company 

We combine the best of both worlds.  One one hand, we make use of the forgotten trades of mortice and tenon joinery.  On the other hand, we use 3D printing, and robotics to create products to exacting standards.   Combining the two, we are able to deliver the best products for our customers.