Our Story

Walnut and Oak designs beautiful modern furniture, built with unmistakable quality at surprisingly affordable prices.


Based in Seattle, we make lots of sawdust, noise, and some modern furniture, too.  All of our design, production and fulfillment is completed from a single facility in the heart of the city.

Can we get deep?

Walnut and Oak trees have deep and expansive roots.  We've got some, too.  Our founder, John, spent considerable time growing up in the company of his maternal and paternal grandfathers, Eugene and Marshall.  Both of them had large woodshops, extensive forests on their properties and a knack for building.  They put their sturdy hands to work crafting honest, beautiful pieces while John tagged along and learned the trade.

Taking these skills, John applied his passion for building to creating modern, inspiring pieces.  It started with an oak table, then a walnut desk, and soon a collection of different pieces were added to the portfolio.  All built in Seattle from quality, 100% American hardwoods with distinctly modern DNA and touches for today's life.

Today we are delighting customers across the US with beautiful modern pieces. We'd be honored to have one of our products in your home.  

Want to learn more?  Send us an email, give us a call, or open up a chat. We love talking modern, quality furniture and hearing about how we can help.


Walnut and Oak


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